Introduction - History - Personnel

The transport company was established around 1895 by K. Van der Ham, the grandfather of A.A. and N. van der Ham, at Zouwendijk 12 in Ameide.
From 2003 A.A.’s son, A.M. van der Ham has continued the company. Today, A.M. van der Ham has two sons of his own. 


The first activities consisted of transporting wood and wicker through the region and fruit to the railway station in Arkel by horse and wagon.


Around 1910 a track boat was purchased to sail the Ameide-Gorinchem route. At 4 a.m. a horse would be hitched to the boat destined for Gorinchem, approximately 20 kilometres south of Ameide. It would return late at night.


In 1924 de first truck was purchased (a Chevrolet) in addition to the still used horse and wagon to be able to transport even more goods. The transport of wood and wicker also put the company in contact with the basket makers who used wicker to make fish baskets.


The track boat was sold and around 1927 a small 20-tons cargo ship was purchased with a real 10-hp engine. At that time, the transport consisted of taking fish baskets to IJmuiden and bringing wood and wicker by ship and road back to Ameide.

About 1934 the 1924 Chevrolet was traded in for a new one. In 1940 the Second World War broke out. For five years the truck stood covered with wood and wicker in the polder. The Germans did not find it and after the war it was made ready for use again. Not long after the war the company was taken over by Mr A. van der Ham and the fleet was increased by 4 trucks. The ship and the horses were sold.


From 1970 Mr A.A. van der Ham slowly extended the company to 20 cars and fruit was driven to Rotterdam and stones from Gorinchem to various places in the country. In 1975 part of the fleet was deployed for the ferry service and the rest was used to transport tankers. In 1980 Mr N. Van der Ham joined the company as well. In 1985 Seneca BV was added as a Ferry operator for England . These activities caused the company to expand to its present size of 36 trucks and 110 trailers

Today, transport mainly takes place from Germany to England and back. In the near future, the company aims to move to the industrial park in Meerkerk, along the A27 near the Noordeloos exit. The company has already purchased 8 hectares of land at this location for increased storage and transfer activities.

As a hobby we also maintain a Scania 110 with 205 hp from 1969.

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